Can Production
    1. Two-piece Can Production Line
    2. Two-piece Can Production Line Two piece cans are also referred to as DRD cans or deep drawn cans and we provide high efficiency production lines for the manufacturing of these products. They can manufacture two-piece cans in various shapes, including round, rectangular, and even irregularly shaped products.
    1. Three-piece Can Production Line
    2. Three-piece Can Production Line Three-piece can production lines are comprised of several devices to complete various production tasks. The production line can be customized according to your required production speed, can shape (round, rectangular, irregular, etc.), and any other specification you may need. The smart can production line helps you minimize the manpower and material resources needed to get the job done.
About Us
About Us

Shantou XinQing Cannery Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focused on the production of high performance canning equipment. These canning machines are designed for the production of two-piece and three-piece cans, including food cans, beverage cans, aerosol cans, chemical storage cans, etc. The products can be processed in round, rectangular, and irregular shapes. In addition to individual pieces of canning equipment, we also provide turnkey solutions and fully customized can production lines.